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Arrow... 8 years, now it's time to say Good-bye

Arrow... 8 years, now it's time to say Good-bye

Yes, I know I am late to this party but I personally was not ready to watch the series sign off. but now about a week later I have watched the final episode of Arrow and am ready to share my thoughts.

It was no surprise to any fan that this year would be the final season of Arrow with star Stephen Amell informing all fans of the show live on his Facebook earlier last year that it would be concluded is this 8 episode season. But I don't think anyone had any idea of how why or what would take out Oliver Queen.

With the cross over event wrapped up and the universe once again safe, there was only one thing left, The Funeral of Oliver Queen. An event that if you have watched something for 8 years and became emotionally invested in the long list of characters to see happen and come to a close is a pretty rough thing. But it wasn't all sad blackness, we see a lot of good things come from this final episode. Mia, Oliver's daughter, played by Katherine McNamara seems to have taken up the mantel of being the Green Arrow following her father's teaching and dawning the female version of the Green Arrow suit. Along with the return of beloved characters that in earlier seasons have come to pass like Paul Blackthorne's character Quentin Lance and Tommy Merlyn with Colin Donnell reprising his role. I know what you're thinking but they died, the short of it is comic book writing is crazy and timelines and universes always get mixed up, learn to deal with it, it happens.

With each character dealing with the passing of their leader in their own way you truly can feel the different viewpoints of each person. The ones that fought alongside him were not so much said as they were almost a sense of relief that Oliver could finally rest in peace that his quest was finally over. While others like his wife, Felicity played by Emily Brett Rickards, struggled with the fact that he is gone forever.

Tho this was the end of the story for Oliver himself we got a glimpse into what might be in store for the other characters. Something tells me that Digs won't be hanging out on earth as much anymore. That or someone overnighted him a piece of Kryptonite in a nice package.

In closing this hour-long emotional rollercoaster was a perfect sign off for this 8-year heroes journey that was the first of a long line of tied in shows. And it is a sad thing to see it go but all good things come to an end and I personally don't regret ever hopping on this crazy wild ride. And want to personally Thank Stephen Amell for giving us eight years with a hero that before this show most people wouldn't have even given the time of day. Thank you for your day in day out of hard dedicate work to bring this character alive in every way that counts. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and your dedication to the character and the fans is greatly appreciated. To Stephen, i say Thank you and rest easy Emerald Archer.

The Final Episode of Arrow can still be streamed over on

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