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Birds of Prey Underperforms in its Opening Weekend.

Birds of Prey Underperforms in its Opening Weekend.

It was a rough weekend for the film "Birds of Prey" Staring Margot Robbie, reprising her role as one Harley Quinn in this film that shows the fan-favorite character breaking off from her long time bae the Joker and going out on her own. While that idea does should great it doesn't seem to pan out as Harley would have expected, and I think the same could be said for the box office numbers of its opening weekend.

Birds of Prey brought in

DOMESTIC (40.9%) $33,250,000

numbers sourced from

With a budget of 84.5 million, the worldwide number doesn't seem all that much of a loss. But looking at the comicbook movies in the last year those numbers are small potatoes. Personally I think bad marketing is part of the blame here. Here is to hoping that Birds of Prey can keep up a little stream to increase those numbers in the next couple weeks.

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