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GameStop Raises Prices on Marvel Legends after seeing an Increase in Sales

GameStop Raises Prices on Marvel Legends after seeing an increase in sales.

It has been recently reported that GameStop the infamous video game store that is known for its retail used games and paying you fractions on the dollar for your trade-ins just hicked up the price on their collectibles section in both their stores and online. Raising them from $22.99, which was already about $3.oo more than your avenger Target or other shopping outlets. To an all-mighty whooping $29.99 per figure.

BUT! that's not the best part, From what I can tell that price tag is only for the more popular figures like the most recent release Marvel Legends Doctor Doom what for most other retailers it is about $21.99. And also sharing that $30 price tag is pretty much all new spider-man marvel legends.

Same old GameStop tricks. They are spitting in the face of the collecting community that was basically pulling them out of the trench of bankruptcy.

One can only assume that this is following GameStop's spike in sales last year in their collectibles category while what they are known for, video games, falls putting the company in some major trouble. Will this spell doom for GameStop, did they just cut off their one good leg and now will be left to die in the cold?

I know personally I won't be buying from GameStop unless it is the last or only option. Do let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this.

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