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Groot Minnie Ears are a Must for Any Guardians Fan

Who doesn’t need these adorable baby Groot Minnie ears? As Tony and I prepare for our Disneyland vacation, we are getting excited to ride all the different rides that this theme park has to offer. More specifically, Guardian of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! So of course when I found this pair on Etsy from BlondeAutumns, I HAD to have them! I absolutely love buying my ears from independent creators because there is so much love and hard work that goes into each set. And this set is no different! In fact, these are one of the BEST ears I have bought from a small business. The attention to detail is perfect.

I was worried a bit about how structurally sound the twigs would be but they are pretty well secured and very tightly woven. There are areas that I can foresee pieces breaking off so I will be sure to transport them carefully. The flowers have a very worn and rustic vibe that fits nicely with the overall theme. There is touches of moss with little baby acorns that I was not expecting but add such a wonderful level of detail. One of my favorite details, aside from the little baby Groot, is a little flower on the upper right ear. It’s these little sporadic details that adds to the true aesthetic of the ears as if they were plucked right from nature. Due to the nature of these ears, not all ears will be the same. On her page she shows different variations that you can expect. I love this because even those they are her most popular ears, you know each one will truly still be unique.

Most importantly, though, these ears are comfortable! They have a nice thick band that doesn’t squeeze too tight. They are not super heavy so they also stay put nicely (which has been issues I’ve had with other ears before). All I’m all, I CAN NOT WAIT to wear these bad boys in a few months. Check them out yourself!

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