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Hasbro has given collectors a second chance to get the Marvel Legends Monster Venom Figure.

Hasbro has given collectors a second chance to get the Marvel Legends Monster Venom Figure.

It has become a more the common thing in the line of Marvel Legends, the dreaded repaint. With the idea of such being split down the middle, you are either A. awesome a new variation of the character or, B. Great just a quick and easy cash grab, hard pass. But whatever way you split it that the way of the business, New molds cost money and a business needs to make a profit (expressly if they are publicly trader like Hasbro) so this trend isn't going no where.

And once again this stand point comes into play with Hasbro Marvel Legends announcement of its single card release of one of the most clamored after B.A.F (Build A figures) in the past couple years, the Monster Venom. The wave in which this figure was built wasn't released all that long ago but flew off the shelves because of the wave line up which was made up of such spider-man characters as Eddie Brock Venom, Carnage, Scream, and even the beloved Spider-ham. In which each figure came with one piece of the Monster Venom.

With this announcement came the split among Marvel legends collectors of cheers and applause at a second chance grab at this awesome figure, and the boos and yelling of the hunters that went after the B.A.F wave and then there is the scalpers dirty no good price gougers. But this guys thinks its great, even though i would want most of this B.A.F wave none the less. A chance to get my hands on this with the classic Venom paint job hit my geek button is such a good way. At a Price point of 29.99 +tax i will defiantly be getting on that pre-order list. no waiting around this time. I've learned my lesson. If you want to get in on this pre-order with put a link below so you can. If you don't, don't come crying to us when you cant find it.

Pre-order Monster Venom here:

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