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Marvel's Black Widow Super Bowl Spot shines more light on Widow's Past

The Super Bowl, the most expensive time for advertising so you have to make it count. Marvel sure did that. Between the teaser of the Disney+ Shows and the TV spot for their next in line movie "Black Widow" , scheduled to drop May 1st of 2020.

This TV spot gives us just a pinch more of a peak behind the curtain of one of Marvels most unexplained characters in the MCU. They spot has a voice over monologue of Natasha herself talking very clearly about the inner struggles of her past back in Russia and the things she has done to her life in the current time line and being a part of a team of heroes. In one part she evens states that "The Avengers weren't my first family" which I'm pretty sure we mostly know who was at this point between the couple of trailers that we have seen.

This Super Bowl TV spot also gave us a little more of some action with Taskmaster which we have got a lot of. We even see him do a very familiar looking shield trick as if it was a skateboard. Man what I would give to see a 1 on 1 of him and Cap. Sigh guess that will never happen.

This little tid bit has got me even more excited to see this film. But check it out for yourself and we wanna hear you comments below

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