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NECA and Loot Crate are bringing on more TMNT

Last year NECA toys and Loot Crate teamed up to bring us our first round of TMNT exclusive loot create boxes that fans were shell-shocked over. With exclusive NECA figures for the Movie Line, Video Game Line, Comic line and of course the Toon Line that it seems a lot of fans missed out on for one reason or another. Spoilers I didn't.

But Today The Fwoosh (see their full article here) had the Pleaser to announce that the two companies are doing it again to bring us another 4 TMNT Creates that are sure to have fans doing back flips in their underground Hide out.

Once again we will be getting a

Movie theme (Danny, that no good screw up teenager from the first Turtles movie),

A arcade theme which will come with Armaggon

A comic theme which will include Mutant Shredder

And a cartoon theme which will come with Donatello the Dark Turtle

And if you purchase all four up front you you then get a very exclusive 5th figure which is suppose to be Scrag from the animated series

All these figures with be NECA exclusives to these boxes. So meaning the only way past going through Loot Crate is on the secondary market which as a collector I'm sure sent a chill down your spine.

All of these boxes will also come with loads of other goodies for TMNT fans which the last once included such items as pins, t-shirts, mugs, and a lot more.

Like I said I got all the 1st crates and loved ever single one. Personally if you are a TMNT fan and a NECA TMNT collector i wouldn't sleep on these

You can head over to Loot Crate now and pick them up.

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